Therapeutic Capillary System
Shampoo 1000ml

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The stimulating shampoo I contains a rich formula composed of plant extracts and vitamins to create cellular regeneration, strengthen the hair bulb, and balance the sebaceous gland. Stimulates growth and provides energy substrates that enable the production and renewal of cells, which results in a healthy and rejuvenated scalp and new hair growth.

It prevents hair loss.


  • Controls oleosity, dandruff, proliferation of fungi, helps relieve itching, and promotes the healing of injuries caused by the excess of sebum production or allergies
  • Vitamin E has a natural antioxidant function, because it protects the hair from free radicals induced by UV rays, thus protecting chemically colored hair and preventing split ends
  • Vitamin C, present in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, is essential to the function of the capillary structure, besides being bactericidal and rejuvenating the scalp
  • Vitamin B3 is the component necessary for the cell metabolism, and is responsible for the synthesis of protein and hormones. It stimulates the blood circulation of the dermis and activates the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth
  • Vitamin B5 plays an important role in the biochemical synthesis, as it generates capillary energy flow mechanisms, stimulates cellular production, and is a great hair growth and melanin production stimulant
  • Vitamin B6 has a high concentration of menthol, a cooling effect that vasodilates blood capillaries, enabling them to carry a greater amount of oxygen to the scalp cells



  • GINKO BILOBA is a bioflavonoid and powerful antioxidant responsible for anti-aging
  • ROSEMARY a dermopurifyer, detoxifier, tonic, astringent, and cell activator, controls and balances the sebaceous glands
  • WITCH HAZEL astringent controls excessive oiliness
  • FENNEL soothes redness and itching from injuries or allergies
  • BAMBOO SHOOT remineralizes and retains the natural essential mineral salts of the fibers
  • GUARANA stimulant and astringent
  • JABORANDI cellular stimulant, accelerates growth
  • ALOE VERA healing, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying
  • ARNICA powerful natural healing, strengthening of the hair bulb
  • RED QUINOA antifungal, fights seborrhea
  • GREEN TEA scalp detox
  • MENTHOL oil control, refresh, relief from itching and possible burning of the scalp


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